New Observations is an independent, non-profit contemporary arts journal that is written edited and published by the arts community in an expanded process, as a work of collaborative art.  Dedicated to bringing artists’ voices to the public forum through an innovative guest edited magazine published from 1981-2001, we resumed publication of a new series in 2013 with issue 129.  Its editorial pages have presented an extraordinary range of viewpoints and ideas reflecting the diversity within the arts.  Artists speak for themselves from the inside out on in-depth thematic topics in each issue.  New Observations Magazine has featured artists working inside of visual art, poetry, essays, fiction and project based works and is a resource for and from the art community, including art historians, scholars, and the general public. The journal was founded in the early 1980′s, covering New York’s provocative art scenes at the time, expanding its horizons nation wide and internationally.

The Impact
According to our founder, “Every group of friends is unknowingly representing a complex universe of thought and that it is sufficient to have its members put on the page something, anything, for a whole world to be revealed.” We intend to maintain this maxim, bringing you, while renewing each time in our pages, these platforms of complex universes of thought for thinking and living art today. We believe that you will engage with this genuine and generous enterprise, and that with every “new observation,” every new emerging thought, every new sensible field, we propose a new horizon line to be crossed together.

Challenges and Rewards
Seeking the highest standards, we prefer to work under challenging conditions while engaging the most provocative artists and thinkers living today. This means a long maturation and dialogue with each guest editor, the authors and in understanding with transparency the topic we are working with. Every new issue is a new field where we try to bring to your fore a pertinent and challenging aspect of contemporaneity, be it something forgotten or still missing, something hidden or too exposed, needing a new perspective to gain its proper dimension or value. We are measuring distances, searching new and old ways and modes of living, sources and new horizons that are keys to live well on our planet.

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Erika Knerr
New Observations‘ publisher
September 4, 2014

New Observations is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and is a registered trademark